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Half Day Trip-Turtles and Keri Caves

A visit to the Marine life of Zakynthos, the turtles Caretta-Caretta and the Keri Caves will be always on your mind

Half Day trip offers a 5 hours tour in the South part of Zakynthos where you can discover the National Marine Park of the island and the Blue Caves of Keri. Join us in the turquoise water of the Turtle island and experience the life of sea turtles.

This tour operates 3 times a day: 9:30 am, 12:30 pm or 3:30 pm, you can choose the time of departure

Our stops:

  • NATIONAL MARINE PARK OF ZAKYNTHOS: Located on Zante's southern shores, Kalamaki is a lovely, clean beach with soft golden sand and warm waters, with the added attraction of being a nesting site for endangered Caretta-Caretta turtles. You can see the nests which are clearly marked with wooden frames and are easily visible. Furthermore, the knowledgeable guide with the volunteers who patrol the area to ensure their survival will tell you everything about these beautiful creatures. The beach is hardly ever crowded, you will enjoy walking on this peaceful 5km long beach, watching the views of the mountains & Marathonisi island, or swimming and snorkeling.
  • LAGANAS-LAGANAS BAY-MARATHONISI/TURTLE ISLAND: Leaving Kalamaki, we will drive through Laganas’ main road to Agios Sostis' small port to board the glass-bottom boat. Marathonisi is an exotic, green island, part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos. The captain will drive the boat inside the two impressive caves while the sunlight floods in and paints the walls with an array of blue tones. then, he will head to the other side of the island for a one-hour stop at the small, golden, sandy, and clean beach where you will have the chance to swim, snorkel, or suntan. Moreover, it is very moving and an absolute joy to see the protected nests which are obviously all roped for their protection. We ask our guests to respect the regulations in order to ensure that the ancient mariners' sea turtles that inhabited our planet for over 100 million years are not disturbed.
  • KERI CAVES: The breathtaking Keri Caves are located on the southwestern part of the island and are carved by time, tide, and wind. Sailing along the coastline, you can admire the single-white beaches, amazing rock arches, forested hills, and views of the huge limestone cliffs that fall straight into the sea. The professional captain is very adept not only at getting into the spectacular small-sized caves with the Glass-Bottom boat but at passing right through the famous pretty rock arch (Kamara) as well. Once inside, the water reflects on the cave walls, and the entire scenery becomes a lovely blue-colored heaven, quite magical. We will have 20 min. to swim just outside the entrance of a very large cave. Make sure you have some snorkeling equipment with you so you can take a look under crystal clear water and see and admire the fish swimming, Unique example of why nature is the most beautiful thing. You are more than welcome to enjoy the scenery from the boat if you do not wish to swim.
  • CAMEO ISLAND: Heading back, the captain will drive the boat close to the dream-like Cameo Island, (known as the wedding island) which is one of the most beautiful sites of Zakynthos. You will enjoy the views of this small idyllic paradise that is located just off the coast of Agios Sostis in the south of Zakynthos. You will also admire its lovely secluded beach surrounded by steep white limestone and used as a wedding ceremony area. This picturesque scenery with the famous waving white sheets above the water is the perfect place for your photos.
  • ARISTEON ECO-OLIVE PRESS MUSEUM: The olive tree, its olives, and olive oil are closely tied to Greek culture. The friendly oil experts at the award-winning, Aristeon ecological olive oil press will guide you through the outdoor olive oil museum which reveals the history of olive oil making on the island throughout the centuries. You’ll be amazed by the old methods and early wooden types of equipment, as well as by the machine-run stone mill of later years and the factory’s cutting-edge productions. You will get to understand why olive oil is the gold of the Greeks and why the extra virgin oil produced here has unique healthy characteristics! You get to taste (for free) local olives and traditional village bread with different extra virgin olive flavors (most likely lemon, orange, and garlic). You could take a sample (also for free) of eco-olive oil cosmetic products such as shampoo, soap, body cream, and face cream. You can also buy these products if you wish, in order to support local businesses.



  • Half Day Tour group adult price: 56 euros
  • Half Day Tour child from 4-11 years old: 30 euro
  • Half Day Tour babies up to 3 years old: free
  • The boat ticket is included in the price
  • 24% VAT is included in the price

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Half Day Trip-Turtles and Keri Caves

A visit to the Marine life of Zakynthos, the turtles Caretta-Caretta and the Keri Caves will be always on your mind

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