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Sunset Trip

Come along to find the best Sunset spots on the island of Zakynthos, an unforgettable experience when the sun goes down in the Ionian Sea.

Admire the natural beauties of Zakynthos in many Secret Sunset spots with our experienced tour guides.
Duration: 18:00 pm – 21:30 pm.
Pick up from the hotel available upon request

Option 1

Keri-Mizythres/Agalas Sunset 

  • CAMEO ISLAND: We start our tour by making our way to Cameo Island, this dreamlike, charming island is a beautiful little paradise, you will take a very awesome walk across the 100-meter wooden rope bridge, that connects the island with the mainland, enjoying the wonderful views of the gorgeous crystal-clear seawaters in which you can see many sea urchins and colorful fish, and if you are lucky, you can see the endangered Loggerhead Caretta – Caretta swimming around or under the bridge, or a groom and bride with their friends and families taking matrimonial photos across the bridge. The tiny little islet is known as the wedding island. What an amazing and perfect location for intimate wedding ceremonies.
  • MIZITHRES VIEW-POINT: Next on our itinerary is an absolutely amazing view you will never forget, Keri Mizithres Viewpoint with its two tall and imposing white rocks which project from the crystal clear waters of the southwestern coast and incredibly brilliant, blue and glistening waters and huge cliffs, here again, our skillful photographer/ guide will capture the most awesome photos of you with all that romantic view in the background. It is also the site of the world's largest Greek flag, and there is a copy of one of the greatest ancient Greek sculptures, our knowledgeable guide will tell you all the intimate details of the original copy which is found at the Louvre Museum.
  • AGALAS-DAMIANOS CAVES: Amongst the pine trees and olive groves lies the picturesque village of Agalas with its colored buildings and the large bell tower of the village's church. The 150 m. path to Damiano's cave is loose and rocky, it is two-storied and filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites, the view from the cave is magnificent, the hills are thick with vegetation and the sea extends into the background. On the opposite side of Damianos Cave, we can see twelve wells of Agalas, known as the Adronios wells. Our knowledgeable guide will inform you with insightful details of the Legend of the Dragon
  • SUNSET: Near Damiano's cave, we stop at one of the stone-built rest areas to enjoy the romantic, glorious sunset. Simply, an unbelievably beautiful location, with breathtaking views, and a great and romantic atmosphere. We chose for you one of the most perfect locations with spectacular views to see the sunset that will make this experience even more memorable. When the sun begins to gradually touch the sea, it is the perfect moment to observe nature’s beautiful blending of colors For us, what better way to end your day !! For you, what a promise of a new tomorrow!!

Option 2

  Kampi Sunset 

  • CALLINICO WINERY/MUSEUM: Callinico is the Traditional Winery and wine museum of the Voultsos family. The visitor will have the opportunity to see the original machines used in the past as well as the modern equipment used today, wander in the cellars, and explore the full of wine bottles stored. At the end of the tour, the owner discusses with the visitors about the wines produced by the family while offering them a real wine-tasting experience.
  • THERIANOS FAMILY FARM: Therianos Family Farm is an organic farm where they cultivate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Their Olive Oil was awarded the Gold Standard at the International Society, Olympia Awards. They also produce a selection of wines and the famous black raisins. We will visit the farm, meet the animals and taste the local products.
  • EXO XORA- 2000 YEARS OLD OLIVE TREE: The famous 2.000 years old olive tree is located in the village of Exo Chora, Zakynthos island. It is one of the seven oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean, and probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world. There is not yet an agreed-upon scientific method to uncertain the age of olive trees. In the case of this ancient olive tree, although its exact age cannot be verified, it is believed to be at least 2000 years old based on tree ring analysis. It still produces olives to this day. Traditional products of the area we will also find here from the local farmers.
  • SHIZA CROSS, KAMBI/SUNSET: As you are heading to your final destination the colors of the sky will lead you to Shiza in Kampi where you will have the chance to taste the local delicacies of Michali's family-run tavern. Here you will find all the traditional Zakynthian dishes made from local and fresh daily ingredients. Enjoy your dinner (own expense) while you are experiencing the most magnificent sunset of the Ionian Sea while listening to live Greek music and why not finish your day by dancing to these rhythms? :)



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Come along to find the best Sunset spots on the island of Zakynthos, an unforgettable experience when the sun goes down in the Ionian Sea.

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